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Motivational Speaker
Why Book Calvin Sims?

·  He shares his personal experience as an abandoned, abused foster child who rose, mostly self-taught, to become an international computer consultant, with only a 9th grade education.

·  Not content with his own lucrative success, he left the corporate world and formed a non-profit, education organization that provided educational programing to at-risk youth across the U.S. He was recognized for this work by the Bush Whitehouse.

·  Known as “The Relentless Winner,” Calvin is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who effortlessly captivates his audiences with his message on perseverance and determination.

·  He teaches audiences how to thrive regardless of obstacles, as he has demonstrated in spite of his paralysis from the waste down. Calvin Sims is the living example of the Relentless Winner.
Author & Publisher
Calvin Sims, writes and publishes under the name Calvin G. Sims Sr., is a preolific author. Having just finished his 19th book.

He has written 5 Children's books that make up The Little Legends Series of stories brilliantly illustrated by Diane Burkett-Tanner and based on true historical personalities and events.

After a bought with cancer left his over $400,000 in debt and ruined his credit, his research on credit repair resulted in the groundbreaking "Credit Repair: Yes YOU Can!"

But his greatest love is in inspiring and motivating others, especially those who have obstacle to overcome. Calvin Sims has written several dynamic books the are positioned to motivate and inspire. He has developed workshops and motivational talks that correspond to his writing.


"Mr. Sims, I believe, is using his gift of story-telling coupled with his poignant, often painful, experiences to encourage you to look differently at the place you are in/ the current pages of your story. We all fall down. How do we get up? Now it is time for you to take a look within. If you are [viewing this website] it is not by accident. God provides in unique ways to get your attention. The story, transparency and the wisdom that Mr. Sims has laid down with his pen is one of those opportunities.  Mr. Sims has turned his “why me” around! “About face”! Get ready to challenge yourself to change your why” into “why not”. Change your “why” into “use me Lord”.

Victoria E. Grady, MD
excerpted from "Turning TO Into FOR"
Creed of the Relentless Winner

"I never lose. I either win or I learn but I never ever lose."


As an educator, Calvin Sims was a welcomed resource for elementary, middle and high schools across the U.S. His educational programs were stimulating and engaging. The response of the children was amazing. Many schools welcomed this beloved StoryTeller again and again, year after .

"Adios Amigos!"
featured publication

Instead of asking God, "Why was this done TO me?" Ask, "Why was this done FOR me?"


Part autobiography part "Think & Grow Rich," this incredible work takes the reader on a breath-taking journey. Witness a toddler who was abandoned, beaten, neglected, and molested until at age 9 he was given a gun and taken under the wing of the neighborhood gang leader. Breathe a slight sigh of relief when at age 16 he drops out of high school, forges documents, and joins the Marines to escape almost certain death and destruction. "I felt I had a better chance of survival in the jungles of Viet Nam than on the savage streets of Atlanta."

Witness the miraculous trans formation as armed with only a 9th grade education, he becomes an international computer consultant. But that is just the beginning. At the summit of his career he resigns, build a horse ranch and starts a non-profit organization that earns him recognition by the George W. Bush Whitehouse. The prolific author and internationally acclaimed educator was challenged once more when a successful bought with cancer left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Always the relentless winner in what emerged is one of the most dynamic Motivational Speakers in America. "I guess perhaps The Lord needed a Motivational Speaker in a wheelchair."
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