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The Creed of the Relentless Winner
"I never lose. I either win or I learn but I never ever lose"
OPEN your conference with HIGH ENERGY….


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Calvin Sims brings a message that is Customized, Solutions Oriented and Results Driven

Calvin Sims is a dynamic personality with a wealth of experience and a powerful message that will transform the way your organization tackles every day challenges. As a man who has reached the pinnacle in a diverse range of fields: International Computer Consultant, National Sales Trainer for a Meat & Seafood Distribution Company, Quality Assurance Inspector for a Litton Shipbuilding (builder of U.S. Navy Battleships), prolific published author and publisher – all with only a 9th grade education….

Calvin Sims knows how to take control, make winning decisions and create a culture of success. Let this dynamic speaker use his passion and energy to bring your team together like never before so that they commit to being better every single day. As your perfect choice, Calvin Sims will speak directly to every member of your audience and create a buzz that challenges assumptions and breaks down barriers.

Calvin Sims transformed himself from High School Dropout to an award winning educator invited to lecture at many of the major universities in America. This endeavor required high level commitment and a shifted mindset. Let Calvin Sims transform your team and your culture.

To inquire or to book an event, please contact us using the contact information below:
Website created by:  Calvin G. Sims Sr.
3128 5th Avenue
Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.
(404) 545-1322
EMAIL: askcal@calvinsims.com
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