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Books by Calvin G. Sims Sr.
Calvin G. Sims Sr. has written 19 books, and counting. His books range in topic from History, Education Refor, Nutrition, Credit Repair, Instructions of Authoring a book, and Sustainable Life Skills. "The Little Legends Series" is a collection of 5 children's books based on true historical peopleo and events. Most notable among his work is the autobiographical, "Turning TO Into For."
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Insted of asking God, "Why was this done TO me?" Ask "Why was this done FOR me?"
Published June, 2019 Christian Faith Publishing

There has never been a motivational book like "Turning TO Into FOR."  This book combines the heart wrenching drama of a "Boyz in the Hood" or a "The Color Purple" with the character fortifying, success empowering inspiration of such works as "Think and Grow Rich" or "Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude." The later two of which were key to the development of what the author calls his spirit of the Relentless Winner.

Based on the author's philosophy that the most important of life's lessons are preceded by a test, the book is composed of two parts:

The Test and the Lesson.

The Test: The autobiographical first part is the riveting story of a boy who was abandoned as a toddler and left to grow up in an abusive foster home where he was abused, molested and encouraged to steal until at age 9, he was given a gun and taken under the wings of the neighborhood gang leader.

The Lesson: Part two will empower the reader as the author shares the life's lessons, born of unimaginable pain and suffering, which enabled him to, with only a 9th grade education, become an international computer consultant. Inspired to teach the principals that enabled him to escape becoming a tragic statistic, he abandoned a very lucrative career, founded a non-profit organization and became an internationally renowned educator, recognized, among other honors, by the George W. Bush White House for his work with at-risk and underprivileged populations.
The power of these lessons was called on once again, when in 2014, cancer struck. Through treatment and faith, the cancer was eradicated but the author was left paralyzed from the waist down. The amazing result of what could have ended in tragedy was a re-emergence of one of America's most dynamic motivational speakers.

“Turning TO Into For” will inspire you, empower you and teach you the principals of what the author has demonstrated, by way of his remarkable life, that which will help you to overcome the obstacles that cause so many of us to fail. The concepts and strategies in this work will strengthen you and help you to develop a powerful, relentless mental attitude that refuses to accept defeat.

"I never lose. I either win or I learn, but I never, ever lose."

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A Program Whose Time Has Come

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Published January 20, 2020 China Berry Tree Books

An overachiever is someone who sets their own expectations.  Expectations that often exceed the expectations that others may have set  for them.”Overachievement is within reach of everyone, no matter where  you are in life, it is possible to achieve success above and beyond that  which anyone would expect of you. Overachievement can be taught. It can  be coached and it can be assimilated. This book reveals the character  traits that one can adopt that will make them an overachiever.You can  choose to let others define what they think that you are capable of  because of your race, education (or lack thereof), finances, connections  or credit rating. Or you can choose to set your own expectations.  Choose to be an overachiever. Even if you have achieved great success,  who's to say that you can't achieve more. There is no limit other than  that which you set for yourself. This book provides the tools that will  empower you to enormous success.

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Grammarly Writing Support

Published in February, 2019 China Berry Tree Books

How is it that certain individuals who are disabled are able to master  certain fields of endeavor above and beyond the capabilities of  able-bodied individuals. How is it that a man or woman with limited  education can rise through the ranks of a major corporation that employs  thousands, many of whom have advanced degrees. Some refer to these  people as overachievers, but it's more than that. These people have  mastered the character of Relentless Winning. This book defines  Relentless Winning and it lays out how you can develop the character of  Relentless Winning in your own life.

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How to Get it Published and How to Get Paid
Published in July, 2018  China Bery Tree Books

How to Write a Book is inspired and dedicated to all of those  individuals that I have met along the way who upon learning that I am a  writer have said, "I would like to write a book, but I don't know where  to even begin." This book will take you from the beginning of the book  creation process, through publishing - whether traditionally or  self-publishing - concluding with how to promote and market your book.  It includes information on how to land potentially lucrative speaking  engagements. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, this book is  just the guide that will help you navigate the complex and often  confusing world of book publishing.

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Published in July, 2006  Trafford Publishing

The failure of the Education System in America is too often blamed on  the schools, teachers and administrators. In this book, Calvin G. Sims  illustrates that the main cause of failure in this system is that we are  culturally pre-conditioned to fail.

Calvin points out that  emotional imprinting that takes place in the earliest stages of  development governs the way that we parent. This self perpetuating  conditioning affects the way that adults pursue goals and the way that  children learn. Handed down one generation to the next and reinforced by  Madison Avenue, we have become a society of under achieving, manic  consumers.

Fortunately this groundbreaking new books offers  insight that empowers us to recognize this detrimental cultural behavior  as it offers simple solutions to making adjustments that will have a  powerful impact on learning, achievement and individual quality of life.

This book is not just for parents, but as is pointed out in  the book itself, "This book is for anyone who has benefited or can  benefit from education" In other words, this book is for everyone.

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Published in June , 2017  China Berry Tree Books

This book can prove to be an invaluable guide for people who fall into  one of three scenarios: 1. They wish to repair bad or poor credit 2.  They have good credit but wish to establish great credit 3. They have  little or no credit and want to start off making wise credit decisions  What if the only thing preventing you from buying a home or a new or  newer, more reliable car is your credit? What if your priorities have  more to do with more urgent needs? What if your Children need braces or  the hot water heater goes out, and God forbid a more serious emergency  happens? Would your current credit score allow you to fund an urgent  need? What if the only thing between you and a sterling credit file is  your lack of a clear understanding of how to use consumer protection  regulations in your favor? That is exactly how this book can help you.  Armed with the knowledge contained in these few, straight to the point,  easy to digest pages, and your own steadfast determination, you can, on  your own, repair or improve your credit. • Avoid embarrassing,  depressing moments when you get turned down for credit • Relax more at  home because you put an end to abusive or annoying collection calls •  Open your mail freely because you know itʼs not a bill collector or a  lawsuit. Take control of your credit in the comfort of your home. Once  you know these strategies, you can take action to get inaccurate,  misleading and questionable items off of your credit report. You can use  the same techniques and strategies credit repair companies and  professional consultants use to challenge inaccurate and questionable  items for their clients.

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Published in November,  2008  Townsend Press Library

We asked ten African American men from a wide range of  backgrounds this question: If you had a chance to speak to the young  Black men of America, what would you say?
The essays in Brother  to Brother are their answers. In this book, you will read the frequently  encouraging, sometimes angry, occasionally sad, often challenging, but  always thoughtful words of these ten men, including . . .
- Calvin Sims, abandoned as a toddler. Abused and molested in his foster home. Became an International Computer consultant with only a 9th grade education; prolific author, publisher & motivational speaker;
 -Kenyon Whittington, an abused and abandoned child who not only overcame  his own harsh circumstances but now serves as a guide to others;
 -Fluke Fluker, a one-time juvenile delinquent, later Marine Corps  sergeant, and founder of an organization that turned one failing Los  Angeles high school around;
-Joseph Marshall, Jr., whose success  in touching the lives of San Francisco gang members has earned him an  Oprah Use Your Life award;
-Elijah Anderson, a distinguished sociologist whose study of the Black community is world-renowned;
 -Joe Davis, a former junkie and drug dealer, now a mental health  therapist who works tirelessly to end the kind of senseless violence  that put him in a wheelchair.
These men and others are waiting  for you in the pages of Brother to Brother. They reach out to take you  by the hand and say, Sit down, my brother. Let s talk. --From the Publisher

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